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Let us introduce Pahadi Kothi, the best cottage near Nainital. Constructed in the surroundings of mother nature, you will get complete privacy with your family or partner. The only things around the cottage are glorious mountains, cotton-like clouds, cute bird chirpings and serenity.

We are a couple and a family cottage near Nainital. There is no age restriction for staying in the best cottage near Nainital. We believe in our country’s saying – “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

Considering the pandemic situation, we have trained and vaccinated staff. The staff is aware and all the rooms are sanitized plus installed with hand sanitisers. No stone is unturned in serving you the finest of quality, that’s why we are the best cottage near Nainital.

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Why choose Pahadi Kothi as Best Cottage Near Nainital

For spending a perfect vacation, emotions are more invested than money and time. And a bad vacation will leave sour feelings forever. We get out of comfort to bring you comfort. Know the structure of the best cottage near Nainital and the facilities provided by us below.

  • Bedroom – The aura of the room is homely. Double beds and comfy bedding are provided in all the 3 bedrooms. A two-seater couch and a small table are also kept in the room, just in front of the French window. Enjoy the landscape from the comfort of your bed.
  • Living room – Upon entering the living room you will feel the elegance and warmth of the whole cottage. The room shines in golden lights and includes a sofa and a table set. The room is spacious enough as a lounge and a dining area are attached within the room.
  • Kitchen – For all the homemade food lovers, this kitchen is ready to use. Equipped with cooking basics and electronics such as a coffee maker, a refrigerator, an induction, a stove, glasses and tableware.
  • Balcony – Balconies are a must to enjoy fresh air and view, especially in the early morning. So, Pahadi Kothi has built 2 balconies, where you can enjoy the cool mornings with your family.

Facilities you get at this rooftop cottage in Pangot are –

  • Wi-Fi – You get a free Wi-Fi connection during your stay in Pahadi Kothi.
  • Helpers – We allot a dishwashing helper and a cook for your convenient stay with us.
  • Parking – We are a cottage with private parking for 4 vehicles, at no additional price.
  • Safety – Your safety is our priority. Fire extinguishers and first aid are available 24×7 in the cottage.
  • Wellness – This best cottage near Nainital is fully sanitized. All the rooms have hand sanitisers too.
  • Pet Friendly – We are pet friendly. So, pets are allowed in our cottage.
  • Outdoor Furniture – Wooden furniture is provided outside the cottage, so you could enjoy a happy tea time.
  • Vehicle rental – We have vehicle rental services for our guests.

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luxury cottage near Nainital, Best Cottage Near Nainital, rooftop cottage in Pangot

Sunset view attractions near Nainital

We know that you will love staying in the luxury cottage near Nainital but seeing the beauty of nature is a must to do a thing. Especially the sunrise and sunset points that are simply amazing.

  • Land’s End – This may be the end of the land, but it is the start of mother nature. Wherever you look only valleys and mountains are visible. This makes it perfect for a sunset view, with no interruption while admiring nature.
  • Tiffin Top – Located at Ayarpatta Hill and 2290 meters above sea level, Tiffin Top is also known as Dorothy’s Peak. The hill is packed with people enjoying a picnic with their families. You eat, chat, laugh and see the gorgeous sunset view there.
  • Snow View Point – This is a popular spot that attracts several tourists. Here, you get the spell-bounded view of the gigantic Himalayas dressed in snow. After enjoying the view of hills and lakes, wait for the sunset, and witness a beautiful scene before your eyes.
  • Naina Peak – This is one of the famous attractions near Nainital, where you get the overlook of the valley and the main city. Stay till the evening and witness the orange picture of sunset, which will leave you at a loss for words.
  • Hanuman Garhi – Situated at the height of 1951 meters, the temple is surrounded by abundant greenery and mountains. After absorbing the calmness of the temple, wait for the evening. Hanuman Garhi gives you one of the most picturesque views of the sunset, no questions asked.
  • Naini Lake – This lake is one of the most recognisable places in Nainital, where you can enjoy a boat ride. But do you know it also has beautiful sunset scenery? Encounter the painting like a sunset with your family.

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family cottage near Nainital, Cottage Near Nainital

Places to visit near Nainital for Camping

Camping is a combination activity comprising both, adventure and nature. You will admire the beauty of nature while living in a tent. It will bring a new experience to you, which can not be erased.

  • HimView Camp – This campsite is built amidst the Himalayas, Bhalugaad Waterfall, Fruit Orchids and greenery in Mukteshwar. It is amongst the best camping sites in Nainital. From all the tents you get a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas.
  • Hidden Valley Adventure Camp – Located near the jungle of Pangot, Hidden Valley Camp provides Swiss tents with a connected washroom and Alpine tents with comfortable bedding. You will surely enjoy this camping in Pangot with your family, surrounded by trees.
  • Ayar Jungle Camp – This camp is constructed in the area surrounded by the greenery of Pine trees. Your route to the Ayar Jungle camp is easy because they have a shuttle service to pick you up from Nainital.
  • Whistling Woods Camp – If you are looking for a couple of friendly campsites, then you can come here. You get a little room-type camp, which has a pleasing Nainital view.

Getting off to a hill station won’t harm the routine life. If you want to make your vacation blissful and memorable, you must book a cottage near Nainital whose name is Pahadi Kothi. Contact us now or you will have to listen, ’sorry, no bookings available.

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  • Sep 22, 2022

Welcome to the best farmhouse near NainitalPahadi Kothi. Settled amidst nature and away from the noisy city, here you will spend one of the most exquisite vacations of your life. While staying in the best farmhouse near Nainital, you will be accompanied by birds, hills, fresh air and cute moments.

Doors of Pahadi Kothi are open to everyone, be they family or a couple. Our trained and vaccinated staff serves you with the best hospitality. You will stay in comfort and feel like a celebrity. This farmhouse is just a perfect holiday rental.

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Pahadi Kothi – The best farmhouse near Nainital

Live in quietness or turn Pahadi Kothi into a party farmhouse near Nainital, it caters to you. The Pahadi Kothi is a home away from your home. Know more about this farmhouse near Nainital below.

  • Living room – The hall is decorated with a comfortable sofa paired with a centre table, a LED on the wall, golden hanging lights and a large window to enjoy the mountains’ view. The room is quite spacious as it includes dining and a lounge area with it.
  • Bedroom – There are 3 bedrooms in this best farmhouse near Nainital which consists of double beds and fluffy mattresses. Additionally, a couch and a tea table are also provided, on which you can enjoy the picturesque hills through the French window.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is installed with all the utilities namely, cooking basics, a stove, a refrigerator, an induction, a coffee maker, tableware and glasses. It is ready to make a meal.
  • Bathroom – There are 3 bathrooms in Pahadi Kothi, and equipped with the required toiletries. The washrooms are clean and fragrance full.

The best farmhouse near Nainital offers facilities such as-

  • A cook
  • A dishwashing helper
  • First aid and fire extinguisher
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Vehicle rentals
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private parking
  • Pets allowed
farmhouse near Nainital, party farmhouse near Nainital, Best Farmhouse Near Nainital

Popular hills for adventurous trekking

Holidaying in Nainital and not trekking is a bizarre statement. It definitely should be in your list of ‘things to do in Nainital’ or else your vacation would be incomplete. Below you will find all the famous places to visit near Nainital, for gutsy trekking.

  • Tiffin Top – Also called Dorothy’s Peak, if you are a beginner trekker, then this is an apt trail for you. 4 km long path, you can enjoy an easy trek amidst the lush greenery. If trekking to Tiffin Top is a bit tough for you, you can always opt for a horse ride.
  • Snow View Point – A popular spot for tourists, Snow View Point serves you a 3 km long hiking trail. You enjoy amazing trekking with the mesmerizing view of enormous mountains. The snow viewpoint is one of the most gorgeous attractions near Nainital, which you should not miss.
  • Land’s End – As the name suggests, Land’s End is where land gets over and nothingness starts. Here you will witness the mountains, clouds and valleys without any interruption in the view as it is a cliff. You can enjoy easy hiking of 4 km here.
  • Guano Hills – Guano hills is the perfect combination place for trekkers and bird watchers. After completing your adventuresome hiking that is covered with healthy Bamboo, Deodar and Oak trees, you can relax while watching the birds.
  • Naina Peak-Pangot Trek – 14 km of trekking path, Naina Peak-Pangot Trek offers you a sporting 2 days trekking experience. The path starts from the Mallital and passes through Snow view hill to finally reach the destination, Naina Peak. After resting the night at the mountain village in Pangot, continue your trek back to Nainital.
  • Kunjkharak Trek – This is not your regular trekking trail on a hill but is in a jungle, which is hard to find in the northern region of the country. The path is 36 km long and encircled by the dense Oak, Deodar and Rhododendron trees. Kunjkharak trek will surely leave a unique trekking experience for you.
party farmhouse near Nainital, Best Farmhouse Near Nainital, luxury farmhouse near Nainital

Lakes to visit for a euphoric evening

Nainital is known as the ‘Lake District. Stay in this luxury farmhouse near Nainital and visit pretty little lakes to upgrade the quality of your vacation.

  • Bhimtal Lake – At a distance of 22 km away from Nainital, Bhimtal Lake is an enchanting and famous lake. Being one of the largest lakes in Nainital, many tourists come there to enjoy boating. The lake got its name after ‘Bhima’ the epic character of Mahabharat.
  • Naukuchiatal Lake – This lake is the deepest lake in the Nainital region. You will be awestruck after seeing the beauty of this place in person. The mighty Himalayas, clear lake and rare birds make this lake a complete package. You can do various activities on the lake like yachting, boating, paddling and parasailing.
  • Sat Tal Lake – This lake is formed by a cluster of 7 freshwater interconnected lakes. Sat Tal Lake is a popular lake for bird watching, as migratory birds come here throughout the year. The lake is surrounded by dense forest and calmness.
  • Khurpa Tal Lake – Having a boundary of glorious Pine, Cedar and Deodar trees, Khurpa Tal Lake is like a hidden gem in Nainital. Elevated 1600 meters above sea level, the lake serves breathtaking scenery. You can experience the activities such as fishing and boating.
  • Sariyatal – This lake is popular among tourists and locals, especially the newlyweds because of its near heart shape resemblance. You can enjoy boating or yachting in this emerald green lake. The magnificent Himalayas adds up to the beautiful location.
  • Kamal Tal Lake – Also known as the ‘lake of lotuses’, Kamal Tal Lake is located near Naukuchiatal Lake. It is one of the pleasing lakes, attracting tourists because of the appealing lotuses on the surface. You can also spot some fish in the lake.

If you are a nature plus adventure lover, then Nainital is your place. And if you love a luxury homestay near Nainital, then Pahadi Kothi is for you. Enjoy a short trip to the hills station with your family and book a farmhouse near Nainital now!

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  • Sep 22, 2022

Constructed amidst the lush greenery, Pahadi Kothi is the best resort near Nainital, that you are looking for. Captivated by hills, cool breeze, birds and clouds, this is a dream vacation stop for anyone. You will be blissful while living here.

Pahadi Kothi is open to everyone, be it a family or a couple. We have trained and vaccinated staff. The whole resort is fully sanitized and safe to live in.

Read further to know about the best resort near Nainital.

Best Rest Near Nainital

Know about Pahadi Kothi- Best Resort Near Nainital

Before deciding to stay here, you must first know why we are the best resort near Nainital. What services do we offer and what is the structure of Pahadi Kothi? We are a resort with private parking for 4 vehicles. Know more about us below.

  • Bedroom –Built with 3 bedrooms, Pahadi Kothi has modern cum comfy rooms. All the rooms are installed with double beds and fluffy bedding. A pretty couch and a small tea table are also provided in the room. The rooms have French windows to give the maximum view of the mountains.
  • Living room – The living is adorned with a sofa set having a centre table paired with it. The wall has a television and hanging lights are attached. The room is commodious enough to fit a big family. The dining and lounge area are also included within.
  • Kitchen – You can easily prepare a healthy and hygienic meal for your family as cooking basics and essential electronics are provided. Electronics include a refrigerator, a coffee maker, a stove, an induction, tableware and glasses.

The services offered by the best resort near Nainital are –

  • A dishwashinghelper
  • A cook
  • Vehicle rental services
  • Pets allowed
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Fire extinguisher and First-aid

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Best Resort Near Nainital Pahadi Kohti

Beautiful sightseeing attractions near Nainital

There are ample things to do in Nainital and various sightseeing places to go to. After exploring these fabulous places, you can come back to chill in our best resort near Nainital.

  • Eco Cave Garden –This is relatively a new sight of attraction but has captured the interest of many tourists. The cave is formed by the interconnection of natural animal caves. You can see various Himalayan wildlife animals there. Apart from the animals, the musical fountain and hanging garden are a plus point for visiting the cave.
  • Naina Peak –Locally known as Cheena or China Peak, here you get a picturesque view of a beautiful valley and glorious mountains. If you are a photographer or a fan of trekking, then Naina Peak is your place.
  • Snow View Point –If you wish to see the magnificent Himalayas covered with a blanket of white snow, Snow View Point is the place you should visit. You get the vistas of the whole city. You can reach there through a cable car, that can be taken from the Mallital. This is a serene place and is one of the most visited tourist spots.
  • Pangot Bird Sanctuary –You can always visit Kilbury Bird Sanctuary to experience a new activity. Bird watching is a mental exercise as it raises different questions and do observations. The sanctuary is stocked with some rare birds as Pangot is home to nearly 500 bird species.
  • G B Pant High Altitude Zoo –The zoo was established in 1984 but was made publicly open in 1995. Here, you can find a number of animals and birds, including some endangered ones. Spending a day in a zoo can never be boring but super explorative.
  • Tiffin Top –Being one of the most popular picnic locations, Tiffin Top is situated at Ayarpatta Hill. It simply stuns the visitors with its mesmerizing mountain view. The place is calm and relaxing.

Cafe and Restaurant nearby

Pahadi Kothi is a resort with food near Nainital where you can get meals or even cook by yourself. However, if you want to taste the savouring food of the café or a restaurant nearby, then check the list given below.

  • Zooby’s Kitchen – This family restaurant is quite popular among tourists because of its vibe and the outdoor lake view. It is full of a cosy and warm ambience. They serve different cuisines like North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai and beverages. You can dine in, take away or order the food from Zooby’s Kitchen. They are open from 12 pm to 11 pm.
  • The Pratap’s Restaurant Nainital –This Pratap’s restaurant which offers delicious and pocket-friendly food. They have Indian, Asian, Fast Food and soups on the menu. Their staff is humble and the café is working from 9 am to 10 pm. Apart from dine-in, they have options of takeaway and delivery too.
  • Papa’s Grill Restaurant – This restaurant has expertise in Chinese, Mughlai and Street Food. They are at the top place in a BBQ restaurant. The meals are mouthwatering and the restaurant is clean. You have the options of dine-in, delivery and takeaway. The working clock runs from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Café LakeSide –If you want to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner, then Café Lakeside is the one for you. The breathtaking view of the lake hikes the vibe of the restaurant. This café restaurant offers Indian, Italian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. They have an option for outdoor seating too. You can enjoy their tempting meals from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Nanak Restaurant Nainital – If you are looking for a pure vegetarian restaurant, then Nanak restaurant should be your choice. You may eat Indian or Asian food. They also offer a Vegan and Gluten free special diet. The time for dine-in is from 9 am to 11 pm. They don’t provide delivery but you can order your food through Zomato.
  • The Cask Café and Bar–This is a multicuisine café, offering a range of cuisines like Indian, Italian and Chinese. Their menu is packed with several beverages and drinks. The environment of the café is cool and friendly. This café and bar serve from 10 am to 10 pm.

Nainital is a perfect getaway for a weekend and Pahadi Kothi is a cherry on top of a cake. You will be ecstatic during and after living in the best resort near Nainital. We hope to see you soon!

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  • Sep 21, 2022

Pahadi Kothi, without a doubt, is the best hotel near Nainital. It is built in the lush greenery away from the main city. Upon your wakeup, you will encounter a dewy breeze, mesmerizing mountains and will be in ataraxia.

Pahadi Kothi treats all its customers as same. We welcome families and couples with open arms in this best hotel near Nainital.

Don’t think that we only write about it. We stand on our words. Pahadi Kothi truly will be the best place to stay near Nainital.

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Best Hotel Near Nainital, best place to stay near Nainital

Why Pahadi Kothi Is Best Hotel Near Nainital

In this hotel near Nainital, you will experience your finest vacation stay. We provide only top-quality services to our guests. Know more about the best hotel near Nainital.

  • Bedroom – There are 3 elegant bedrooms with a double bed that has soft and comfy bedding. The room has a huge French window designed on the wall. Other than the bed, the room includes a couch and a table as the furniture.
  • Living Room – The room has a classy vibe. There is a sofa set, a table and LED in the living room. An area for dining and a lounge is attached to the room.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is equipped with cooking basics, a refrigerator, an induction, a coffee maker, a stove, glass and tableware.
  • Bathroom –The hotel has 3 bathrooms that are out of dirt and full of fragrance. The toiletries are fresh and clean, for you to use.

The services you will receive at Pahadi Kothi are a cook, a dishwashing helper, first aid, laundry, vehicle rentals, Wi-Fi, outdoor furniture, free parking and pet friendly.

Temples to visit in Nainital

Apart from living in the best hotel near Nainital, there are several places to visit near Nainital. This hill station is filled with spiritual, religious and adventurous places. But many people come here to worship the holy shrines of the city. Temples are packed with devotees all year round.

  • Naina Devi Temple – This temple is situated on the banks of Naina Lake and is considered an auspicious temple. It is dedicated to Goddess Sati, wife of Lord Shiva, and is amongst the 51 Shaktipeethsof the country. Her eyes that fell there, have given birth to the temple.
  • Mukteshwar Temple – Located on the outskirts of Nainital, Mukteshwar temple is one of the 18 most important Lord Shiva temples in the country. It was constructed nearly 350 years back, at the highest peak of the Nainital region. Being at the peak, this temple has picturesque scenery and is filled with peace.
  • KainchiDham –Situated amidst the Kumaon mountains, KainchiDham is encircled by dense forest, positive vibes and has a beautiful river at the side. The date of construction is in the early 20th century and was constructed by NeemKaroli Baba. The temple is settled on Nainital-Almora Road. Many devotees visit there to absorb the calmness and positivity of the temple.
  • Pashan Devi Temple –In this temple, the Goddess of stone – pelters is worshipped, which is said to be the representation of Goddess Durga. Every year tons of devotees rush here with their prayers. At a distance of just a few km away from Naini lake, this holy place is quite famous and considered a popular tourist spot.
  • Hanuman Garhi temple – This Hanuman Garhi temple was established in the early 20th century by NeemKaroli Baba and is located on Nainital-Haldwani road. It serves the perfect sunrise and sunset views, having boundaries of abundant greenery and hills. Tuesday and Saturday are the most crowded days of the week. 
  • GoluDevta Temple –Said to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva, GoluDevta Temple is highly worshipped and crowded by the local devotees. People come here with their prayers written on paper and then leave them in the temple. It is said, whenever a prayer of the devotee is fulfilled, a bell is hung in the temple.
Best Hotel Near Nainital - Pahadi Kothi

Things to do in Nainital

You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities during your luxury homestay near Nainital. But to amplify your experience you should consider coming between March to July, as it is the best time to visit Nainital.

  • Trekking and Hiking – As you know that Nainital region is filled with numerous mountains so, seeing trekking as the first thing to do is not surprising. You can choose a trekking trail from options such as Naina Peak, Snow View Trek, Kainchi Trek, Betalghat Trek, Kilbury Trek, Binayak Trek and Kunjkharak.
  • Boating – You can do boating and yachting in different freshwater lakes in Nainital like Naini lake, Sat Tal lake, Bhimtal lake and Naukuchia lake. While boating with your family and friends, the panoramic view of the mountains will leave you with an open mouth.
  • Aerial Ropeway – Aerial ropeway runs from Mallital to the Snow viewpoint, giving you a bird’s view of the Nainital. The feeling you get in a cable car is exotic. This is a must to do thing in the Nainital.
  • Horse Riding – Holidaying in hills station and not riding a horse, is so not done. People love to ride a horse in the Mall Road area or to Naina Peak. While riding you witness the astonishing view of the Himalayas and the main city.
  • Camping – If you love adventure then camping, is your thing. You can go to Naina Devi Jungle Camp or plan camping in Pangot. Other famous camping areas are Mukteshwar, Sat Tal and Naukuchia, packed with different activities.
  • Nature Walks – Taking a refreshing walk in nature can be one of the best things you can experience in Nainital. Tiffin Top, Snow View Point and Guano hills are popular amongst the tourist for a walk. The path is covered with Oak, Pine, Bamboo and Deodar trees, and gives a spectacular view.

Nainital is a versatile hill station as it has plenty of landscapes to offer and a bundle of activities to perform. Escaping to Nainital and staying in the best hotel near Nainital is the perfect combination to refresh yourself. Hurry up and book the best hotel near Nainital aka Pahadi Kothi

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  • Sep 21, 2022

If you want to visit Nainital and are searching for the best villa near Nainital, then your answer is waiting in the next line. Pahadi Kothi is a villa built amidst the lush greenery away from the hustle bustle of the Nainital. Here you will be surrounded by fresh air, slow breeze, chirping of birds and breath-taking landscape.

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This is a couple and a family Best villa near Nainital. Here you can stay without age restrictions and with complete ease. Our hospitality is available for everyone and we are proud of it.

Keeping the on-going pandemic situation in mind, all our staff members are fully vaccinated. They are informed and follow all the covid rules. All the rooms in Pahadi Kothi are sanitized and have hand sanitizers there.We have the trained staff members who are well aware of their job and are dedicated to their work.

Know about the best villa near Nainital

Pahadi Kothi is a 5-star villa near Nainital that has and provides only finest of services and amenities to their customers. Our motto is to give a comfortable and a memorable stay to ourdear guests.

Pahadi Kothi is a villa with private parking near Nainital.Check out why weare the best villa near Nainital.

  • Living room –The living room is commodious and good for a big family. It consists ofthe interior likea sofa set, tea table, T.V and down lights. The area for dining and lounge is also combined in the living room.
  • Bedroom – There are 3 bedrooms in Pahadi Kothi and all have double bed with comfy bedding. A couch and a small table are also provided for a little chat. The beauty of the nature is even visible through the French window of the room.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is installed with cooking basics and all the required electronics such as a refrigerator, an induction, a coffee maker, a stove, tableware and glasses.
  • Bathroom – Hygiene is a priority and we know it. The bathrooms are clean and out of any foul smell. All the essential toiletries are fresh and ready to use.
  • Balcony –For you to enjoy the sunset view of mountains, 2 balconies are built in Pahadi Kothi.You can relax with your family while inhaling the fresh air.
best villa near Nainital

The facilities and services provided by us our – Wi-Fi, fire extinguishers, first aid,outdoor furniture, laundry, wheelchair accessibility, vehicle rental and being pet friendly. We have also allotted a cook and a dishwashing helper for our guests in our best villa near Nainital.

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Attractions near Nainital

This hill station serves you the number of attractions and outdoor activities to do in the main city and nearby places. You can be an adventurer one day and a devotee next day as Nainital has some or the other thing for everyone.

Get to know about some amazing places to visit near Nainital while enjoying your stay in the best villa near Nainital.

  1. Mukteshwar Temple – Mukteshwar Temple temple is amongst the 18 most important Lord Shiva temples of the country. This holy shrine is around 350 years old and is also home to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.The surrounding of the temple is simply mesmerizing and calming.
  2. Sariyatal – Sariyatal or also called as Saritatal, is emerging as a famous tourist spot because of the serene atmosphere. The lake almost looks as the shape of a heart so, it is popular among the newlyweds. A botanical garden is also located near by,offering variety of flora.
  3. Naina Devi Temple –This is a temple of Goddess Sati, wife of Lord Shiva. It is amongst the auspicious 51 Shaktipeeths in the India. The temple only has eyes to worship because when the Lord Vishnu had cut the burnt body of Goddess Sati, her eyes fell there.
  4. Guano Hills – Who doesn’t like to take a nice walk in the fresh and peaceful surrounding? Guano Hills is just perfect for spending some quiet moments, area covered by Oak, Deodar and Bamboo trees. At the hills you can spot some birds and have the overlook of Naini Lake.
  5. Aerial Ropeway – The ropeway runs from Mallital to the top of the hill. You get to appreciate the beautiful Naini lake and lush greenery from the top. The wonderful aerial view will captivate you and keep you in a aww situation. It is a must to-do thing for all the tourists and make the trip a bit more memorable.
  6. Pangot Bird Sanctuary – This place is calling out all the bird watchers and photographers. Being home to approximately 500 birds, here you can witness variety of birds including endangered species. The sanctuary is dense with Rhododendron, Pine and Oak trees.
villa near Nainital

Visiting Nainital cannot bore you, as something is stored for everyone. From hills to lakes and trekking to temples, there are plenty of things to do. And to upfold your holiday, Pahadi Kothi is patiently waiting for you. Book 3 BHK best villa near Nainital and experience a stay like never before.

Frequently asked questions

What is the distance between Delhi and Nainital?

Delhi and Nainital has the distance of approximately 308 km. You can travel there by road, air and train.

What is the check-in and check-out time in Pahadi Kothi?

The check-in time is 1 PM and the check-out time is 11 AM in this best villa near Nainital. If you want to come early or leave the villa late, then you can have a talk with the property owner.

Is Nainital safe to visit?

Nainitalis one of the safest places to visit in Uttarakhand. The locals living there are kind and humble. But common sense and alertness are the key for safety around the world.

What is the cancellation policy in Pahadi Kothi?

As per the cancellation policy, you get a full refund if the booking is cancelled before the 5 days of arrival date. But on the other hand, if booking is cancelled within the 5 days of arrival date, then no refund is made.

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Do you know that Pahadi Kothi is the best resort in Pangot? NO? It is okay, we will tell you about this classy but cosy resort which everyone loves to stay in. This resort is built amidst the greenery away from the irritating car honks and hazardous pollution. While staying in here you will be welcomed by the clouds, mountains, birds, calmness, gentle breeze and fresh air.

You can rent this best resort in Pangot for a family trip or a honeymoon. We are considerate of all our customers and treat them with equal love and affection. Living in Pahadi Kothi will give you the best ever experience.

In Pahadi Kothi, you won’t face any problems as we have a well-trained staff who will be at your service. They are all experts in their work and are trustworthy. Keeping the ongoing pandemic situation in mind, we have ensured that everybody is vaccinated and strictly follows the covid rules.

best resort in Pangot

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About Pahadi Kothi- Best Resort in Pangot

Pahadi Kothi is a resort near Nainital which offers you all the best services and amenities, you look out for in a homestay. This is a 3 BHK resort in Pangot, with great hospitality.

  • Living room – The living room is beautifully decorated with a sofa set and a centre table. The room is adorned with golden lights and has a television on the wall. It is quite spacious and is attached to the lounge and dining area.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is ready to use as it contains all the essentials for making the meal. It has a refrigerator, an induction, cooking basics, a coffee maker, a stove, tableware and glasses.
  • Bedroom – This luxury resort in Pangot has 3bedroom and all have an outdoor view. It has a double bed and a couch paired with a table. The room has dim lights to enjoy the night view from the French window.
  • Balcony – Pahadi Kothi offers 2 balconies that offer wonderful mountain scenery. You can sit with your family there and breathe in the fresh air of Pangot.

Apart from this elegant resort, we offer services like Wi-Fi, outdoor furniture, vehicle rental services, a dishwashing helper, a cook, laundry services, wheelchair accessibility, sanitized rooms, fire extinguisher and first aid. Also, this is a resort with private parking for 4 vehicles and is pet friendly.

Attractions Near Pangot

Pangot is a very calm and hidden destination in Uttarakhand, where you can spend time without any worrying. But there are a few places to visit near Pangot which will make your holiday a bit more memorable. They are in close proximity to Pangot and can be reached within an hour time.

  • Snow view point – Covered with white snow, the Himalayas simply look phenomenal from a Snow viewpoint. Many people come here to see the mesmerizing view and take a small walk. You can also go to the small temple which is located nearby.
  • Guano hills – This place is for all nature lovers who love to walk in greenery. The path is encircled with healthy bamboo, thick oak and deodar trees. Don’t miss to carry your camera as you most likely will find some rare birds.
  • Bhimtal – 45-60 minutes of drive away, Bhimtal is amongst the famous places to visit near Pangot. The name is derived from ‘Bhima’, a character from the epic Hindu mythology “Mahabharat”. There is a small island in the middle of the lake.
  • Sat Tal – Sat Tal is 24 km away from Pangot. It is formed because of 7 interconnected freshwater lakes. Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Laxman Tal, Purna Tal, Garud Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal and Sukh Tal are the names of the 7 lakes. The area is covered with gorgeous oak and pine trees.
  • Nainital – Being at a distance of only 15 km, Nainital is a popular tourist attraction. Naini lake, Naina Devi Temple and Mall Road are often crowded with tourists.
resort in Pangot

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How to reach Pangot from Delhi

You can anytime plan a trip to Pangot as Delhi is not much far away. The distance between Delhi and Pangot is roughly 308 km. You have the option of 3 transportations – by air, road and train. Check out below how you can reach Pangot using the different routes.

  • By train – The nearest railway station to Pangot is 50 km away, located in Kathgodam. You can book a ticket from Delhi to Kathgodam and continue the further journey by a shared taxi. The taxis are waiting outside the station and cost around INR 100 per person.
  • By air – 2.5 hours drive away from Pangot, the closest airport is in Pantnagar. To reach your destination, you have to book a taxi which may cost you approximately INR 1300. Every week 6 flights are scheduled to fly from Delhi.
  • By road – The road is well constructed. You can take your own vehicle or travel by bus (AC or non-AC). If travelling by bus, then it has Nainital as its last destination. To reach Pangot, you need to rent a taxi from Nainital.

Click here to check the latest Train From Delhi

Having a vacation is a must needed thing, especially when everyone is tired from living inside the four walls. During this trip, you will regain your energy and feel a peaceful mind. The thoughts creating havoc in your mind will come to rest. Pack your bags and book the best resort in Pangot now.

Family Resort in Pangot


What is the best time to visit Pangot?

You can visit this small village anytime in the year but March to July is the most preferable time.

Can we get a refund for the cancellation of the booking in Pahadi Kothi?

Full money will be refunded if the booking is cancelled before the scheduled arrival of 5 days. But no refund will be made if you cancel the booking within the scheduled arrival of 5 days.

Is Pangot a crowded place?

No, as not many people know about this place.

How many days are good for Pangot?

3-4 days are enough if you want to visit Pangot only.

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Search for the best cottage in Pangot and see that Pahadi Kothi is the only answer. A beautiful cottage which has nothing but mountains and greenery around it. The clouds look soo pretty and down that, it feels like you are living in the clouds. Holidaying inhere will leave you with the best memories.

If you are thinking about who can stay in this cottage then ignore that query because we welcome everyone here. Pahadi Kothi is a couple and family cottage in Pangot, isolated from the unwanted hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you can relax and chill with ease.

We have a well-trained staff with us on whom you can rely. They know what they are doing and are the best in their work. They all are vaccinated and follow covid protocols. You won’t find any con or false bait while staying here, as we offer what we claim.

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Why Pahadi Kothi

You may think why choose Pahadi Kothi? What makes it the best cottage in Pangot? What different services do they provide from other homestays? And you are right with your questions because a vacation is not an everyday thing. But our way of hospitality and the aura that our cottage oozes are something we are proud of. This is a 3 BHK cottage in Pangot with the finest services and amenities. Get to know why this is the best cottage in Pangot.

  • Bedroom – Pahadi Kothi offers you 3 bedrooms with clean and comfy bedding. The rooms include a double bed, a couch and a table. A French window is designed just in front of the bed, so you could wake up to the beautiful landscape of the Himalayan mountains.
  • Living room – The living room is spacious and is decorated with a sofa set, glass table and T.V. You can use dim lights to uphold the room. The dining and lounge area is also included in the living room so, you can be settled comfortably there.
  • Kitchen – For the kitchen, you don’t need to worry as it has all the necessary things. It has an induction, a stove, a refrigerator, tableware, glasses, a coffee maker and the cooking basics for you to prepare a meal.
  • Bathroom – The bathrooms are clean and tidy, with all the required toiletries available. Even a speck of dust won’t be visible.  
  • Balconies – 2 balconies are built in the cottage to give you a mesmerizing hill view. In the morning, afternoon or evening, whenever you will have a cup of tea, only the clouds and hills will be seen. It offers a great view to enjoy some quality time.
best cottage in Pangot, cottage in Pangot, Family cottage in Pangot

Some other facilities that you will get at Pahadi Kothi are-

  • Free private parking for 4 vehicles
  • A dishwashing helper and a cook
  • Clean and sanitized rooms
  • Laundry services
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • 24×7 fire extinguisher and first aid  
  • Vehicle rental services
  • Pet friendly
  • Wheelchair accessibility
best cottage in Pangot, cottage in Pangot, family cottage in Pangot

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Places to visit in Pangot

There are many hill stations to visit near this small village if book the best cottage in Pangot. You can easily up down in a day by renting a vehicle. Refresh yourself by visiting these peaceful places.


Everyone already knows that Nainital is a famous hill station, where the crowd never subside. The distance between Pangot and Nainital is just 15 km. You can easily book a taxi to reach there and visit places like Naina Devi Temple, and Naini lake and do shopping on Mall Road.


Being among the popular attractions near Pangot, Bhimtal is a calm place that is surrounded by glorious pine and oak trees. It has a small island in the middle. This place even has a connection with the epic Hindu mythology – Mahabharat – as the name is derived from the powerful character ‘Bhima’.

Guano hills

All nature lovers hurry up and get ready because Guano hills are calling you for a leisure walk. The time spends amidst the splendiferous bamboo, deodar and oak trees is simply beautiful. Don’t forget to grab your camera, in case you spot some rare birds.

Snow view point

Having a small temple situated nearby, Snow view point is the place as described by the name. The exotic view of the Himalayas covered with snow is the only thing visible. The place is filled with calmness and serenity to boost your positive energy.

Sat Tal

The cluster of 7 interconnected freshwater lakes has given birth to ‘Sat Tal’. The name of the lakes are – Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Laxman Tal, Sukh Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal, Garud Tal and Purna Tal. It is very relaxing and chilling to do boating there, encircled by a dense forest.

Family Cottage in Pangot

Things to do in Pangot

While staying in the luxury cottage near Nainital, many things can pick your interest. Whoever you came here with, be it your family, friends or solo, the below-mentioned activities can be enjoyed by everyone.

Mountain biking and trekking – Calling out all the adventure lovers to trek in the lush greenery. For biking and trekking in Pangot, there are two paths leading to different destinations. One ends at Naina Peak and the other reach Corbett National Park.

Bird watching – Bird watching may sound boring but finding and observing birds is a one-of-a-kind activity. There are approximately 500 birds in Pangot. You can visit the Pangot bird sanctuary to explore the different types of birds and capture them with your camera.

Camping in Pangot – Camping is an exciting activity where everyone cooks, sings, talks and laughs together. Setting a tent and working from the scratch like in ancient times is a very unique idea. You won’t even realize when the night gets over, sitting and chatting by the side of a bonfire.

After visiting Pangot and staying in Pahadi Kothi- The Best Cottage in Pangot, you will understand how amazing this hidden destination is. Once you live in Pahadi Kothi, there is no way you did want to rent any other homestay for your next vacation. Hurry up and plan your trip soon, we are waiting!

For Booking, Please Click Here.

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If you are searching for the best farmhouse in Pangot, then stop your search right here as you have found us. Imagine, waking up to the view of mountains which are accompanied by clouds and no noise but birds chirping. The thought itself is delightful and Pahadi Kothi gives you this same experience. We have nothing but the lush greenery around us.

Pahadi Kothi is a family and couple-friendly farmhouse where you can enjoy it to the fullest. There are no age bars or restrictions on anyone’s entry. For the friends who are holidaying together, you can turn Pahadi Kothi into a party farmhouse in Pangot.

Our whole staff is trained on hygiene/ cleanliness and follows all the covid protocols strictly without any negligence. You will have a safe and happy vacation in the best farmhouse in Pangot.

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Why Pahadi Kothi is the Best Farmhouse in Pangot?

Pahadi Kothi is not the only place to stay but it surely is the best farmhouse to stay in Pangot. We know that privacy is important and any disturbance can break the tendency of the moment. So, it is built in seclusion away from the other hotels, amidst the hills.

Read further to know why our 3 BHK farmhouse near Nainital should be your first renting option in Pangot.  

  • Living room – The common room which consists of the lounge and dining area, is decorated with a sofa set which is paired with a glass centre table. The hanging lights will create a great vibe to enjoy a movie night on the LED fitted to the wall.
  • Bedroom – Pahadi Kothi has 3 bedrooms so, if you have planned a joint family vacation then you can stay here comfortably. Along with the bed – which has soft bedding – the room has a couch and a table. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape from the French window.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is spacious and is installed with the necessary electronics to prepare a delicious meal. It includes cooking essentials, a coffee maker, an induction, a refrigerator, tableware, glasses and a stove.
  • Balconies – This farmhouse has 2 balconies for you to chill in the evening with your family or partner. You can enjoy the amazing scenery and have a sweet moment with your spouse.
  • Private parking – Finding a farmhouse with parking can be slightly tough but with Pahadi Kothi you don’t need to worry. We have a private parking space for 4 vehicles at absolutely zero cost.
  • Helpers – Nobody wants to do household chores on a vacation and for this, we are here to rescue you. We provide a cook and a dishwashing helper, who will be available from 8 am to 10 pm at your service.
  • Pet friendly – Most hotels or farmhouse does not allow pet entry. But at Pahadi Kothi you won’t face this issue as we are a pet-friendly homestay.
  • Safety measures – Fire extinguishers and first aid are available 24×7 in the farmhouse, in case of any mishap.  
  • Health and hygiene – We are strict with our rules and covid protocols. Our staff is fully vaccinated. All the rooms are sanitized and have a hand sanitiser.
  • Other facilities – Some other services like vehicle rentals, Wi-Fi and outdoor furniture are also available here.

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What to do in Pangot?

Okay, so you came here and book a farmhouse in Pangot but what next? If you are curious to know what to do in Pangot, then you should check the below pointers. There are many activities to do and places to visit in Pangot.

  • Camping in Pangot is a very refreshing idea. You can set a tent, do barbeque and engross in a heart-to-heart talk. Your time spent camping will result in a stronger bond.
  • Enjoy mountain biking and trekking. A path surrounded by glorious trees and greenery. Push your limits and follow this adventurous activity.
  • Grab your camera and enjoy a day spotting exotic birds in the Pangot bird sanctuary. Being home to approximately 500 birds, you can find various species of birds in Pangot.

Tourist spots near Pangot

While having a luxury homestay in Pangot, you can visit many nearby hill stations without any hassle. There are a few attractions near Pangot that you can reach in less than an hour.

  1. Nainital – Being at a distance of just 15 km, you can explore Nainital and come back to your farmhouse in a day. You can enjoy romantic boating in Naini Lake or visit Naina Devi Temple. If you want to do street shopping then Mall Road is for you.
  2. Bhimtal – Bhimtal is a popular tourist place that is 45-60 minutes of drive away. Its name originated from the epic Hindu mythology “Mahabharat”. A small-scale island is also located in the lake.
  3. Snow view point – If you want to witness a wonderful view of the Himalayan mountains clad in the snow then you cannot afford to miss this place. Where ever you look, only picturesque landscapes will be visible. This is a must-visit place for scenery lovers.
  4. Sat Tal – Sat Tal is a lake that is formed by 7 freshwater interconnected lakes. The names of the lake are – Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Laxman Tal, Sukh Tal, Garud Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal and Purna Tal. The lake has the boundary of enormous oak and pine trees.
  5. Guano hills – If you love to talk in peaceful surroundings, where a gentle breeze is flowing and little birds are chirping, Guano hills should be your go-to place. The presence of bamboo, deodar and oak trees enhances the beauty of the place.

Spending a few days in Pangot and living in the luxury farmhouse in Pangot will change your lethargic self into an energetic one. After this trip, you will feel refreshed and alive, and ready to continue your hectic life. So, stop delaying your trip and book the best farmhouse in Pangot now. We are eager to show you our hospitality.

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Escaping from routine life to hill stations is good but holidaying in Pahadi Kothi – the best villa in Pangot is even better. Staying amidst the lush greenery and encountering spell bounded views of mother nature, gets the level of relaxation at its peak. The calm breeze and the gentle chirping of birds make the surroundings tranquil.

We love to host families and couples with our finest hospitality. If you are here with your friends, you can enjoy a musical party villa in Pangot. We believe that our hosting will touch your heart and help make a memorable vacation.

Best Villa in Pangot, party villa in Pangot,  5 star villa in Pangot

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Our Services and Amenities

Pahadi Kothi understands that when on vacation, comfort and relaxation are the supreme criteria that you look out for. Any compromise in your luxurious stay is a BIG NO!! And we give more than the best to our dear customers. Your time in our 5 star villa in Pangot will be a dream vacation.

The villa is a combination of elegance and warmth. This 3 BHK villa screams a good holiday vibe’. Check out what awesome services and amenities we offer.

  • Living room – The living room has an interior sofa set paired with a centre table and a LED T.V fitted to the wall. The downlights unfold the beauty of the living room. It also includes an area for dining and a lounge.
  • 3 Bedrooms Villa in Pangot– The bedroom has a double bed and is decorated with golden lamps and down lights. The bed has a fluffy mattress and pillows so that you can relax after a tiring day. The room also consists of a French window to you give a marvellous view of the Himalayas.  
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is ready to use, and equipped with all the essential things. It includes cooking basics, a refrigerator, an induction, a stove, a coffee maker, glasses and tableware.
  • 2 Balconies – For you to enjoy the beauty of nature, 2 balconies are given. An evening while chilling with family is one of the most precious moments a person can have.

Other highlighted services of Pahadi Kothi are free private parking, a dishwashing helper, a cook, a pet-friendly villa, sanitized rooms, hand sanitisers, Wi-Fi, outdoor furniture and vehicle renting services.

Attractions Near Pangot- Best Villa in Pangot

Looking for places to visit near Pangot is not problematic as this small yet pleasing village is in close proximity to many hill stations.With every new place, you will be infused with a unique and different experience. You can have a holiday villa in Pangot and visit places such as:-

  • Guano hills – Surrounded by strong Bamboo, thick oak and deodar trees, Guano hills is an apt place for a little chit-chat, a walk or even meditation. The sight of various birds and their chirping is a bonus in calming your mind.
  • Bhimtal – Bhimtal is named after Bhima, a powerful character in Hindu mythology “Mahabharat”. It is a famous attraction for tourists, which is around 45-60 minutes of drive away from Pangot. A small island is also situated in the middle of the lake.
  • Nainital – At the distance of just 15 km drive away from Pangot, Nainital attracts several of tourists and is amongst the most preferable hill stations. The popular places to visit there are Naini Lake, Naina Devi Temple and street shopping on Mall Road.
  • Sat Tal – Formed by a cluster of 7 fresh lakes, Sat Tal is 24 km away from Pangot. The 7 lakes namely are – Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Laxman Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal, Garud Tal, Purna Tal and Sukh Tal. The area is engulfed by beautiful pine and oak trees.
  • Snow view point – 2,270 meters above sea level, this place is simply filled with astonishing views of the Himalayas, capped in white snow. Once you visit this place there is no way you did want to leave early. It is a must-visit place for everyone, especially for photographers.
Party Villa in Pangot, 5 star villa in pangot, best villa in pangot

Things to do in Pangot

While you may think that Pangot is a miniature town in Uttarakhand with not much to see there, the reality is slightly different. A nature lover or an adventurer by heart, while living in our villa in Pangot, nothing will disappoint anyone.

  • Kilbury Bird Sanctuary – Spending a few hours in the Pangot bird sanctuary is never a bad idea. You can enjoy your time sighting different birds as Pangot is home to approximately 500 birds. So, going to the sanctuary will be a day spent well.
  • Camping in Pangot – Everyone wants to experience camping once in life so, what better than doing it in Pangot? The area is surrounded by lush greenery and mountains. Even a cup of tea will feel like a feast if settled beside a bonfire.
  • Mountain biking and trekking – Pangot offers you two paths for trekking. One trekking path has Naina Peak as its destination and another one leads to Corbett National Park. You can have an amazing mountain biking and trekking experience with your family and friends.

If you want to see Nainital but stay out and book a villa near Nainital, then Pahadi Kothi has to be your only option. A short vacation to Pangot is a serotonin booster. Here, you will enjoy it to the fullest and would like to come again. So, hurry up and book the best villa in Pangot now.

Villa in Pangot,  5 star villa in Pangot, party villa in Pangot

FAQs- Best Villa in Pangot | Pahadi Kothi

What is the distance between Pangot and Nainital?

The distance between both the places is only 15 km. So, it is not difficult to juggle between these two places in one day.

Does Pahadi Kothi refund the money on the cancellation of the booking?

Yes, a total refund is given if the cancellation of booking is done before the 5 days of arrival. On the other hand, if cancellation is done within 5 days of arrival, then no refund is made.

Is Pangot crowded?

Pangot is far away from any noisy city and car honks. This small village is engulfed in peace and the chirping of birds.

How to reach Pangot from Delhi?

There are 3 ways of transportation to Pangot – by air, by train and by road. You can choose as per your preference and schedule.

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  • Sep 5, 2022

If somehow you have stumbled upon this article, it means that you are in search of a hotel and Pahadi Kothi is the best hotel in Pangot. From the elegant look and the domestic feeling to the mesmerizing outdoor view, our hotel excels in everything. You say your preference and we are ready to act on it.

Our hotel is for everyone and anyone. If you have planned a family trip or want to have a couple of vacations, our hotel is eager to serve you. You don’t have to face any age limit or restriction the stay in the best hotel in Pangot.

Why Pahadi Kothi?

By us saying that Pahadi Kothi is the best hotel in Pangot doesn’t make it the best. You need to know our features and hospitality to believe our words.

Pahadi Kothi offers you:

  • 3 bedrooms with wooden finishing and golden coloured hanging lights. The room has soft mattresses and pillows to provide you with a good night’s sleep.
  • The living room includes dining and a lounge area. There is a T.V attached to the wall and a pair of sofa sets.
  • The kitchen is well equipped with all the necessary things like cooking basics, a refrigerator, a stove, a coffee maker, an induction, tableware and glasses.
  • 3 bathrooms are clean and hygienic to use. All the required toiletries and essentials are kept.
  • 2 private balconies are available so that you can enjoy the splendid view of the Himalayas.

Other amenities provided are Wi-Fi, fully sanitized rooms, hand sanitisers in a common area, outdoor furniture, free private parking for 4 vehicles, a cook, a dishwashing helper, vehicle rental service and lastly, it is a pet-friendly hotel.

Places to visit near Pangot

There are many group activities to be done in Pangot and attractions near Pangot. Pahadi Kothi is a hotel near Nainital and other famous tourist spots. One can never get bored if you book a hotel in Pangot.

  • Nainital – It is around 15 km away from Pangot. So, it does not cause any hassle for travelling between these two places. Naini Lake, Naina Devi Mandir and Mall Road are the centres of attraction for tourists.
  • Sat Tal – A lake formed by the interconnection of 7 different lakes, Sat Tal is 24 km away from Pangot. The lakes which form Sat Tal are – Sita Tal, Ram Tal, Laxman Tal, Sukh Tal, Purna Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal and Garud Tal.
  • Bhimtal – At a distance of just 24 km, Bhimtal is a popular place amongst tourists. It has a small island in the lake. Also, the place is linked to the epic Hindu mythology – Mahabharat – because of its name “Bhimtal”.
  • Snow view point – Snow view point is 2270 meters above sea level, which gives you a wonderful landscape of the Himalayan mountains. The mountains are peeking from the blanket of snow. You can also visit a temple situated nearby.
  • Guano hills – This, again is a beautiful place to visit if you love a walk in nature. The Guano Hills has glorious oak trees, deodar trees and bamboo. While having a walk there, you can spot rare birds too.

Things to do in Pangot

It is an obvious thing that going on a holiday doesn’t mean just resting in the best hotel in Pangot but to also exploring and experiencing new activities which you have never performed before. These activities will leave a major mark on your nostalgic memories. Here are some places to visit in Pangot and activities to do.

  • Camping – Camping in Pangot is nothing less than a scene from a novel. Cooking a hearty meal with your family and enjoying it in the serene surrounding of the Himalayan mountains is simply blissful.
  • Bird watching – You can visit Pangot Bird Sanctuary and encounter some rare birds there. While living in the city, we don’t get time for bird watching and consider it a waste of time. But this little activity is like therapy for a peaceful mind.
  • Mountain biking and trekking – For the people who love adventure, you can do mountain biking and trekking. You have 2 trekking paths, where one leads to Naina Peak from Pangot and the other leads to Corbett National Park.
  • Walk in nature – A walk on a path filled with oak trees is nothing but a dream. It will give you an opportunity to introspect. By having a walk in nature, you will regain your energy and will be charged to again face your break-free life.

Transportation from Delhi to Pangot

The distance between Delhi to Pangot is roughly 308 km, making it a not-so-difficult holiday destination. But there must be some questions in your mind about, how to reach Pangot from Delhi. Or what are the options for transportation? For that, you don’t need to worry as we have summarized every detail about it.

There are 3 ways to reach Pangot from Delhi – by air, by train and by road. All the routes are briefly explained below.

  • By air – The nearest airport to Pangot is in Pantnagar, which is 43 km away. To further cover your journey, you need to book a taxi – that is waiting outside the airport – which will charge around INR 1300.
  • By train – The railway station is 50 km away from Pangot, located in Kathgodam. You can travel by train to Kathgodam and book a shared taxi to reach Pangot. The taxi costs around INR 100 per person.
  • By road – Long gone are the unconstructed and damaged roads. Now, you can enjoy an amazing road trip by your own vehicle, taxi or bus (AC or non-AC). But the last stop for buses is Nainital and after that, you need to book a taxi.

Immediately plan a vacation in Pangot and add it to your go-to places. For you to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious homestay in Pangot, Pahadi Hotel is just a click away. Confirm your booking before someone else does.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best time to visit Pangot?

The time between March to July is preferable because of the pleasant weather conditions. But Pangot is welcoming tourists 365 days.

Is Pangot worth visiting?

Pangot is worth visiting every penny. The calm surroundings, the path covered by trees and the trekking, make it a place for everyone.

What is the distance between Nainital and Pangot?

The distance between Nainital and Pangot is just 15 km, making it easy to up-down in a day. You can happily enjoy your stay in Pahadi Kothi and roam in Nainital.

Are there any cancellation charges in Pahadi Kothi?

You can easily cancel your booking, 5 days before your scheduled arrival without incurring any costs. But if cancellation is done within 5 days of arrival, then the total reservation price is charged.

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  • Sep 4, 2022