Pahadi Kothi, without a doubt, is the best hotel near Nainital. It is built in the lush greenery away from the main city. Upon your wakeup, you will encounter a dewy breeze, mesmerizing mountains and will be in ataraxia.

Pahadi Kothi treats all its customers as same. We welcome families and couples with open arms in this best hotel near Nainital.

Don’t think that we only write about it. We stand on our words. Pahadi Kothi truly will be the best place to stay near Nainital.

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Best Hotel Near Nainital, best place to stay near Nainital

Why Pahadi Kothi Is Best Hotel Near Nainital

In this hotel near Nainital, you will experience your finest vacation stay. We provide only top-quality services to our guests. Know more about the best hotel near Nainital.

  • Bedroom – There are 3 elegant bedrooms with a double bed that has soft and comfy bedding. The room has a huge French window designed on the wall. Other than the bed, the room includes a couch and a table as the furniture.
  • Living Room – The room has a classy vibe. There is a sofa set, a table and LED in the living room. An area for dining and a lounge is attached to the room.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is equipped with cooking basics, a refrigerator, an induction, a coffee maker, a stove, glass and tableware.
  • Bathroom –The hotel has 3 bathrooms that are out of dirt and full of fragrance. The toiletries are fresh and clean, for you to use.

The services you will receive at Pahadi Kothi are a cook, a dishwashing helper, first aid, laundry, vehicle rentals, Wi-Fi, outdoor furniture, free parking and pet friendly.

Temples to visit in Nainital

Apart from living in the best hotel near Nainital, there are several places to visit near Nainital. This hill station is filled with spiritual, religious and adventurous places. But many people come here to worship the holy shrines of the city. Temples are packed with devotees all year round.

  • Naina Devi Temple – This temple is situated on the banks of Naina Lake and is considered an auspicious temple. It is dedicated to Goddess Sati, wife of Lord Shiva, and is amongst the 51 Shaktipeethsof the country. Her eyes that fell there, have given birth to the temple.
  • Mukteshwar Temple – Located on the outskirts of Nainital, Mukteshwar temple is one of the 18 most important Lord Shiva temples in the country. It was constructed nearly 350 years back, at the highest peak of the Nainital region. Being at the peak, this temple has picturesque scenery and is filled with peace.
  • KainchiDham –Situated amidst the Kumaon mountains, KainchiDham is encircled by dense forest, positive vibes and has a beautiful river at the side. The date of construction is in the early 20th century and was constructed by NeemKaroli Baba. The temple is settled on Nainital-Almora Road. Many devotees visit there to absorb the calmness and positivity of the temple.
  • Pashan Devi Temple –In this temple, the Goddess of stone – pelters is worshipped, which is said to be the representation of Goddess Durga. Every year tons of devotees rush here with their prayers. At a distance of just a few km away from Naini lake, this holy place is quite famous and considered a popular tourist spot.
  • Hanuman Garhi temple – This Hanuman Garhi temple was established in the early 20th century by NeemKaroli Baba and is located on Nainital-Haldwani road. It serves the perfect sunrise and sunset views, having boundaries of abundant greenery and hills. Tuesday and Saturday are the most crowded days of the week. 
  • GoluDevta Temple –Said to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva, GoluDevta Temple is highly worshipped and crowded by the local devotees. People come here with their prayers written on paper and then leave them in the temple. It is said, whenever a prayer of the devotee is fulfilled, a bell is hung in the temple.
Best Hotel Near Nainital - Pahadi Kothi

Things to do in Nainital

You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities during your luxury homestay near Nainital. But to amplify your experience you should consider coming between March to July, as it is the best time to visit Nainital.

  • Trekking and Hiking – As you know that Nainital region is filled with numerous mountains so, seeing trekking as the first thing to do is not surprising. You can choose a trekking trail from options such as Naina Peak, Snow View Trek, Kainchi Trek, Betalghat Trek, Kilbury Trek, Binayak Trek and Kunjkharak.
  • Boating – You can do boating and yachting in different freshwater lakes in Nainital like Naini lake, Sat Tal lake, Bhimtal lake and Naukuchia lake. While boating with your family and friends, the panoramic view of the mountains will leave you with an open mouth.
  • Aerial Ropeway – Aerial ropeway runs from Mallital to the Snow viewpoint, giving you a bird’s view of the Nainital. The feeling you get in a cable car is exotic. This is a must to do thing in the Nainital.
  • Horse Riding – Holidaying in hills station and not riding a horse, is so not done. People love to ride a horse in the Mall Road area or to Naina Peak. While riding you witness the astonishing view of the Himalayas and the main city.
  • Camping – If you love adventure then camping, is your thing. You can go to Naina Devi Jungle Camp or plan camping in Pangot. Other famous camping areas are Mukteshwar, Sat Tal and Naukuchia, packed with different activities.
  • Nature Walks – Taking a refreshing walk in nature can be one of the best things you can experience in Nainital. Tiffin Top, Snow View Point and Guano hills are popular amongst the tourist for a walk. The path is covered with Oak, Pine, Bamboo and Deodar trees, and gives a spectacular view.

Nainital is a versatile hill station as it has plenty of landscapes to offer and a bundle of activities to perform. Escaping to Nainital and staying in the best hotel near Nainital is the perfect combination to refresh yourself. Hurry up and book the best hotel near Nainital aka Pahadi Kothi